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Wylie waiting to take on Amarillo High, rescheduled for Monday



PLANO, TX – Just a week ago, the Wylie Bulldogs were able to claim a playoff spot and now they just want to light up the playoffs, but fast forward a week, and the ground is white with snow canceling school and delaying their playoff game with Amarillo High. But Head Coach Gregg Ruffin says they cannot worry about this. It’s just another distraction and they have to be ready come game time.

Ruffin said, “We’ve talked all along about controlling what we can control. We can’t control this right now, we’re in an unprecedented event, so we’re never gonna try to put anybody in danger or in harm’s way, so we’re just trying to ride this out and hopefully we’ll be able to get back to some basketball before to long. You have to figure out ways to keep your family warm and fed and as for basketball whenever that gets going again, we’ll be ready to go, we just wanna make sure we do it at the right time.”

The team hasn’t been able to meet together since the weekend which always posses a challenge for a coaching staff keeping the guys focused and in shape but for Ruffin, he says this break has been a positive for the team.

Ruffin said, “Well I bet there’s not too many of them getting outside and shooting, but it’s good for us right about this time to have a little rest. We were dealing with some ankle injuries, thumb injuries and shoulder injuries, so it’s given some of those guys a chance to hopefully heal up a bit, then we can get back in the gym and maybe we’ll be at 100 percent as long as no one is outside slipping on the ice and falling.”

The matchup between the Bulldogs and Amarillo High has a set new date and time. They will be playing Monday at 6:30 in Slaton.