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Zoning decision on administrative office, service yard for Plano’s Rowlett Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant delayed



PLANO, TX – The North Texas Municipal Water District’s zoning request to build an administrative office adjacent to the Rowlett Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in Plano was tabled for a second time by Nov. 16.

The administrative office would serve employees who have been operating out of an outdated operations building and a temporary trailer, according to a presentation by Mark Simon, the assistant deputy director of engineering at the NTMWD.

The building would be roughly 6,000 square feet and would include office space, a control room for the plant, a break room, a restroom, shower and locker facilities, and a conference and training room, according to the presentation. Additionally, there is expected to be a small lab where some samples will be tested and prepared for transport; a severe-weather space; and updated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The NTMWD will plant trees around the new building and construct a new sidewalk on the property along Los Rios Boulevard from 14th Street to the north end of the property, Simon said.

This construction would not increase the amount of wastewater being treated at the plant or the footprint of the treatment process, Simon said. The water district also will not store dried cakes at the paved service yard, also known as a contractor staging area.