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Couple leaves baby flailing on the food court floor as they enjoy their meal



Parenting is no piece of cake, especially when kids are little. From eating to bathing, they are totally dependant on you for their day-to-day activities and it’s a parent’s duty to make sure that these defenseless babies are protected. But one anonymous pair couldn’t care less about what their baby was doing while they enjoyed their meal in the food court of a mall.

The outrageous incident was actually filmed by someone before they uploaded it on social media. In no time, the footage of the baby flailing around the feet of its guardian, who seemed to be ignoring the child, stirred an intense debate online. 

Although the age of the baby is unclear, it’s evident that it’s a toddler who cannot even walk or sit. What shocked most people was the sheer carelessness of the couple who didn’t do much apart from letting the child have a toy clutched in their fist to wave around while on its back.

“Are they for real, for real?” says the person recording the video as they walk by. Baffled by their lack of concern for their baby who is literally rolling on the cold, hard floor of public space, TikTok user Jay Gunna uploaded the clip on the video-sharing platform, reports The Mirror.

In no time, people on TikTok began expressing their horror after watching the shocking clip. “Someone needs to rub their faces on that nasty floor so they understand,” wrote one user, while another pointed that the baby was “not a dog!” A third shared, “That’s so sad, poor child. and like no one said anything.”

While one user expressed, “I can’t believe no one said anything. I would have gone straight up to them and told them that’s unacceptable!” There were others in the comment section who wondered why the police or Child Protective Services (CPS) weren’t informed about the situation. 

The video was originally shared on Snapchat before ultimately winding up on TikTok. User @chrisbouldin had some strong opinion about the situation as he shared, “Some people really do not deserve to be parents, bro. It is very apparent. Why do you have your kid on the floor of a food court? … Who knows what’s on that floor?” Unsurprisingly most people agreed with Bouldin’s statement and one of them even said that she wouldn’t even put her purse on the floor of a shopping mall, let alone an infant. 

“I was 17 when I had my first baby and even I knew better. That’s neglect 100%,” claimed one commenter. Most people were concerned about the germ factor of the public floor, but there were many who were more worried about the possibility of the baby picking up something from the floor and consuming it and also the fact that the child seems to be quite close to the walkway where anyone would have stepped on or dropping something on it. “Yeah the germs but like that’s some hard tile floor!! What if he hits his head or something??” shared one user.

But there were some who insisted that leaving a baby on the floor of a busy public area was a perfectly normal thing to do. They even insisted that strangers shouldn’t be concerning themselves with it. “You shouldn’t talk on something you don’t know. Sometimes this is all that will calm a child down,” wrote Krystalraye51. Everything aside, the fact that there was no stroller beside them suggested they weren’t really equipped to take their young child out shopping at the mall.

Image Source – TikTok Video/Screenshot


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