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Harry made the Queen furious before wedding to Meghan over tiara drama



Meghan Markle and Harry’s wedding was truly something amazing. The special day at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle will be a memory for the rest of their lives.  But the weeks leading up to the wedding was pretty shocking, at least recording to reports. Meghan and Kate made each other cry at the dress rehearsals. And now, new reports states that the Queen became very frustrated with Harry’s ‘rude language’ before the wedding. In fact, she was so angry that she demanded a sit down between the two, according to a Royal expert.

From the outside, the wedding of Meghan and Harry was pictured as the perfect wedding. But hosting such a huge event also comes with a lot of stress, especially for the bride and groom. The Queen also became very irritated with Harry for one particular reason. For the wedding, Meghan wore a dress made by British designer Clare Waight Keller under the Givenchy label. But as a royal, there are more things which also are important. For example, the tiara, which became a very controversial subject within the Royal Family, according to Royal author Omid Scobie. Meghan wore Queen Mary’s beautiful diamond tiara for the big day. However, it was a very stressful subject, with the Queen being stressed and upset.

Meghan and the Queen did get along however, and they both were very happy following a meeting regarding the tiara. But it wasn’t all great, according to Scobie. Speaking with True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, he said that there were a couple of very stressful weeks before the wedding. The Queen’s dressmaker as well as close friend, Angela Kelly, apparently made things very tricky when it came to arranging practice fittings.

“The drama took place afterwards when Meghan wanted to try that tiara on with her hairstylist, because there is a lot of tech that goes into this,” he said, as quoted by Express. “They had to do an experiment with that before the wedding day. The hairstylist came in from overseas, there was an appointment at Buckingham Palace, but nobody was there.”

Meghan struggled to arrange a booking, and that’s when Harry decided to step in and save the day. But things got heated when Harry called the Queen for help. “Each time Angela Kelly was not available to arrange this, to facilitate this, despite agreeing to,” Omid Scobie said. “It got to the point where staff around Harry and Meghan were tearing their hair out because the wedding was a couple of weeks away, months had passed at this point.”

He added, “Harry had to intervene. He called his grandmother and said, ‘I don’t know what the hell is going on, but this woman needs to make this work for my future wife’. Harry felt that there were those within the institution that would stop at nothing to at the very least to make Meghan’s life difficult.

Meghan didn’t get to try the tiara until just days before the weeding. According to Scobie, Angela Kelly was left heartbroken by reports that she hadn’t cooperated with the couple. However, she didn’t say anything out of fear of upsetting the Firm. Harry wanted to step in to try and help his beloved wife. But his reaction left the Queen furious. Speaking to the Mail, a royal source said, “Angela essentially said, ‘I’m very sorry, that’s not how it works.’ There’s protocol in place over these jewels.”

“They’re kept under very tight lock and key. You can’t turn up and demand to have the tiara just because your hairdresser happens to be in town.” The source further claimed that Harry’s “rude language” in his response forced her to take action, and pulled her grandson into a private meeting. “He was put firmly in his place. He had been downright rude.” Following the royal marriage, they lived at Kensington Palace for a short while, however that residence was actually Kate Middleton and Prince William’s home. “It’s in the grounds of Kensington Palace, and it’s quite small,” royal author Tom Quinn said. “It’s tiny compared to the enormous double apartment that Kate and William have.”