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Democrats and Republicans complain Vice President Harris won’t visit border



There aren’t many areas where Democrats and Republicans can agree upon in these highly partisan times, but believe it or not, immigration and border security is still one of those things.

No question that the vast majority of the Democratic Party hates borders, hates border enforcement and would open the floodgates to the third world in a nanosecond if they had the opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to import about 50 million new voters?

Republicans most definitely are pushing back on Joe Biden’s reversal of former President Donald Trump’s initiatives and policies of engagement and enforcement.

But some congressional Democrats actually represent Americans living along the newly chaotic U.S.-Mexico border, and their constituents are not happy with the Biden regime’s non-enforcement, no-more-border-wall construction management style.

Oh, and like Republicans, those Democrats are upset that the person Biden placed in charge of dealing with the migrant crisis — Vice President Kamala Harris — refuses to go see the mess first-hand.

“I encourage you to join me and other Members of Congress, while we visit with the people on the ground who deal with these issues every day,” Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas — whose district encompasses 300 miles of U.S.-Mexico border, said last week in a letter to Harris. “I believe it is critical that you meet with local stakeholders and residents, consider their concerns, and use their lived experiences to implement more effective policies.”

He appeared on Fox News on Saturday to say he hasn’t heard a peep from the VP.

“No, I haven’t I’ve not heard from her office, I have talked to the White House, my White House contacts, but I have not heard from her,” he told host Charles Payne.

Cuellar also noted that Harris’s focus on the “root causes” of the migrant crisis are only half the issue (or less).

“But you just cannot focus only on the push factors. You’ve got to look at the pull factors. What policies do you have here at the border?” Cuellar said.

“Look, under the U.S. law right now, we have the right to deport people and we just got to follow the law. That is, people that can stay here will stay here, but people that we need to deport, deport them,” he told Payne.

“Because if we keep catch and release, this will provide a base incentive for more and more people to come in and they tell us to get richer and richer,” he added.

The Texas Dem also said that Biden’s rhetoric before and since his election isn’t helping, either.

“The rhetoric that came in from before the Inauguration, yes, that adds to it,” he said. “And now I understand the administration is saying now don’t come. But you have to couple that with action.”

I think she can do the job. She just needs to get down to the border,” he told Payne. “You know, we’ve invited her. I hope she can come down. Otherwise, she should have not been appointed border czar by the president. And that’s the reality.”

Republicans, meanwhile, are keeping up the heat. A group of 56 wrote a letter to Biden last week demanding he remove Harris from her post as ‘border czar’ after appointing her in late March.

“She still hasn’t gone to the border,” Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., said at the Faith and Freedom conference on Friday. “There are people on the terrorist watch list from the Middle East who have roamed across our southern border in the last 6 months.

“So people on the terrorist watch list can find America’s southern border, and the vice president of the United States can’t. There’s something wrong there,” he continued. “Vice President Harris, come down to our southern border and look at the debacle that you and President Biden have created and fix it. We’ll tell you how to do it.”