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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is telling Joe Biden to get tough on China



During an interview Monday night on “Hannity,” Pompeo slammed Biden’s “weak” Chinese policy and said he’s creating the risk of not being able to stand up to America’s adversaries.

Pompeo warned that weakness will create the risk of making enemies like China think they can walk all over the U.S.

Pompeo also called on Biden to hold China accountable for the coronavirus.

Hannity kicked off the segment by saying: “For the virus, but the threats and the packs against, oh, American military bases in the Japanese military bases, they are attacks against protesters in Hong Kong. And, oh, of course, their claim of reunification with Taiwan. Joining us now with more Fox News contributor and former secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Let me first start with the virus, not held accountable. And you read these emails and we know what this lab was doing and now we know that taxpayer dollars went to it.”

“Yes, well, since we spoke about this in the spring of 2020, we have known the virology lab was the place, Sean, the virus came from. And we saw the deep cover-up, right? They won’t let anybody in to do the investigation in a proper way,” Pompeo said.

“Chinese communist party is responsible for a lot of people that traveled with a known cup Ver viral that is reckless. And they have to be held accountable. There is a lot of ways we can do that. It doesn’t appear that Biden administration will head down that path,” he added.

“There are many tools without legislation that the Biden administration could use to hold the Chinese communist party accountable for millions of deaths around the world and billions of dollars swapped from this Chinese voicing of the virus upon the world,” Pompeo said.

Hannity then asked Pompeo about China threatening U.S. and Japanese military bases and how he would describe China’s massive uptick in growing their military.

“It is not remotely how we approach and making sure that we put real pressure on the Chinese communist party, in particular, Taiwan. And the final days we authorized Taiwanese to defend their country,” Pompeo said.

He added: “We did the same thing with F-16s and we would continue freedom of navigation efforts through the straight. And the Chinese book of reunification was folded in every part of China and we never let them use that language without confronting it.”

“We have to be serious about these things. When you are weak, you create risk because your adversaries believe they can walk all over you. When you are strong, clear about the words are used, and prepared to back them up as a Trump Administration always was, when prepared to back up the things that will secure American freedom, your adversaries take note of that,” Pompeo said.