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Woman shot her neighbor’s cat with a crossbow, the cat returned with the bolt still in his neck after days



After seeing his cat missing for a few days, Eric had the shock of his life when he finally found his cat on his doorstep. The injured cat was lying on the ground with a crossbow running through his neck.

It was on July 15 when he found his cat, Oliver, sitting injured on the doorstep of his home in Michigan. The cat-parent then began asking around the neighborhood if they knew what happened to Oliver.

His neighbor, Taylor Shipman, admitted that she was the one who shot the cat with a crossbow. She claimed that the cat seemed to have rabies and that she shot him because he was lunging at people on her property.

“My jaw dropped,” Eric said. “She said she shot him on Sunday. “Obviously, he ran off and it took him four days to get home.”

On July 16, the Sheriff’s Office received an animal cruelty complaint. And soon, an animal control officer met with Eric at the Animal Hospital, where Oliver was receiving treatment for his injuries. For three days, Oliver had to remain in the hospital because of the inhumane act. 

Eric is also grateful to see that Taylor will not easily get away with what she did. She was charged with one count of third-degree killing or torturing an animal. On July 26, Taylor turned herself in and was later released from custody on a $10,000 bond.