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Governor Greg Abbott said that his office will not enforce lockdown measures or mask mandates in response to surging COVID-19 case rates



TEXAS – Governor Abbott said that lockdowns are wrong during a pandemic, adding that vaccinations and other safety measures would curtail the spread of the delta variant.

Governor Greg Abbott said:

“The surest way to end the pandemic is for everyone who wants one to make sure they get the vaccine. That said, going forward in Texas, there will not be any government-imposed shutdowns or mask mandates. Everyone already knows what to do. Everyone can voluntarily implement the mandates that are safest for them, their families and their businesses.”

The health officials are reporting that the upward trend in COVID-19 cases in Texas is driven by the Delta variant.

One-third of the country’s new COVID-19 cases emerged in Florida or Texas over a seven-day period.

The CDC has recommended that fully vaccinated Americans resume wearing masks indoors in areas of high transmission.

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