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In effort to keep Plano parks open, city to monitor visitors ignoring social distancing rules



PLANO, TX – The city of Plano is stepping up enforcement of social distancing requirements at public parks amid reports that people are not observing the recommended guidelines.

The city announced March 31 it would soon send employees to every major park in Plano to monitor visitors and remind them of the importance of maintaining space between themselves and others.

“If we don’t follow the rules, we will need to restrict access,” the city said in a message to residents. “No one wants that. We are all in this together, Plano.”

In addition to staffing the major parks, the city said it would send staff to neighborhood parks on a rotational basis.

Staff will be identified by wearing city of Plano shirts and badges.

The move comes after the city received complaints from residents concerned about the number of people using the parks without following the rules.

The city has told residents to avoid using parks or trails if they have symptoms of the coronavirus, which include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Signs warn residents to remain 6 feet away from others while passing on the trails or using open spaces.