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Plano Mother Responds to End of District’s Bullying Investigation



PLANO, TX – A Plano mother says the school district isn’t doing enough to handle bullying after an off-campus incident with her son.

Plano ISD announced Tuesday that it was finished with its investigation into the bullying incident.

The mother says her 13-year-old was forced to drink urine at a sleepover.

The district also said it will develop a diversity and equity plan moving forward.

But the mother, Summer Smith, said the district should be more proactive to prevent bullying in the future.

“I would like to see more diversity training and more social training for the children where we talk about what is bullying, what is racism, what does that look like, instead of focusing so much on making sure the policies are in place for once the bullying happens. Because once something of this magnitude happens, it’s too late,” said Smith.

Plano Police are still investigating.

Smith’s attorney, Kim Cole, said there will be a lawsuit.