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ReNue Pharmacy donates 40 gallons of hand sanitizer to first responders in Frisco and Plano



PLANO, TX – Staff at ReNue Pharmacy recently produced 40 gallons of hand sanitizer for first responders in Frisco and Plano. The business has locations in both cities.

Raj Chhadua, a managing partner at the pharmacy’s parent company ReNue Apothercary GP, said the production of hand sanitizer is “very labor intensive,” but the business felt the donation would benefit the community.

“The difference between pharmacies making it versus your mom-and-pop [stores] or these distilleries that are making it [is] pharmacists are required to comply by FDA rules on compounding procedures,” Chhadua said. “There’s a process of sterility. You’ve got to make sure it’s in a clean room. You’ve got to make sure that you’re using appropriate chemicals and the chemicals actually are dissolved together appropriately that it won’t cause harm to humans.”

Plano Fire-Rescue Deputy Chief Matt Higginbotham said the 20 one-gallon bottles donated to the department will be separated into smaller bottles and distributed to the city’s fire stations. He also explained that liquid hand sanitizer has some benefits over gel versions.

“It allows us to spray the liquid on our gloves,” Higginbotham said. “It’s an easier way to apply and decontaminate ourselves and our equipment, basically.”