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Student Foundation Debuts New SMU Tradition, “Moody Madness”



PLANO, TX – The first Moody Madness, which Student Foundation calls a “Spring Boulevard,” featured games, live music, and local Dallas businesses set up farmer’s market style. Vendors included Greenville Avenue Pizza, Outside Texas clothing, and Dallas Silk Art water marbling. Students also enjoyed outdoor activities like ski ball and basketball hoops.

“We thought basketball deserved as much of a celebration as football does in the fall,” said Hannah Mikhail, Student Foundation Development Chair. Hannah, who joined Student Foundation as a freshman, was assigned to help create and organize the new tradition. She says she “hopes to come back as an alumni in 20-30 years and still see that SMU is doing Moody Madness.”

One attendee, SMU junior Maddee Jensen, says she enjoyed the activities and would “love if Student Foundation made [Moody Madness] a regular thing”