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SWAT team causes $50,000 to Texas woman’s home during raid and leaves her daughter’s dog blind and deaf – but city says police have ‘immunity’ from paying for repairs



TX – A Texas SWAT team destroyed a woman’s home during a standoff with a suspect, causing some $50,000 in damages and leaving her daughter’s dog deaf and blind, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Vicki Baker’s McKinney, Texas, home was practically demolished on July 25, after she called 911 to tell them of the armed fugitive who was waiting out at her property, and now she is suing the city of McKinney.

In a lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Texas federal court, Baker argues that the City of McKinney’s refusal to pay for the damage violates the Takings clauses of both the U.S. and Texas Constitutions.

‘I appreciate that the police did what they thought was necessary to protect the community,’ Vicki said in a press release announcing the suit. ‘But it’s unfair to place the costs—replacing or redoing all of my flooring, the burst pipes, the damaged roof, the blown-out garage door, the broken doors, the toppled fence—on me, just because the guy happened to pick my house and not someone else’s.’