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Taliban terrorists opened fire on a crowd in Afghanistan for waving the Afghanistan flag



According to the report, Afghans demonstrate in support of keeping Afghan flag, instead of white Taliban flag. Local media report Taliban fires on them, killing 2 and injured others.

Unfortunately, two people were killed and another dozen were injured in this incident. As we all know by now, the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has been nothing but violent. A new report claims an Afghanistan woman was shot and killed by the Taliban on Tuesday for not wearing a burqa.

The Taliban has attempted to show themselves as pro-women’s rights in recent days, encouraging women to join the government. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Tuesday that women’s rights would be honored within the confines of sharia law.

Taliban cultural commission member Enamullah Samangani also said the new government will provide women with the environment to work and study.

The devastating news comes after President Biden’s withdraw from Afghanistan which left the Taliban in control of the country with thousands of Americans and Afghan allies stranded.