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“He was very handsy and aggressive”, Woman raped a 16-year-old nonverbal boy with autism while babysitting him



According to the police officials, the 47-year-old woman has been accused of raping a 16-year-old nonverbal boy with autism while babysitting him. Police say that the suspect claimed the victim instigating the encounter, while adding she wanted the child to have a sexual experience.  The boy’s parents contacted them on Monday, Aug. 2, after they noticed suspicious activity on a surveillance camera in his room.

In the video, the 47-year-old babysitter is seen taking her pants off while tucking the boy into bed and turning the camera away from the bed. Police say that 30 minutes later, she returned downstairs in the home. The parents already told police that their son is non-verbal and they keep cameras in the room so they can watch after him.

The parents also checked earlier footage from nights when his babysitter, Stephanie Bradshaw, had babysat the boy and found a video from last Wednesday in which the caretaker was seen taking off her pants and then has intercourse with the juvenile victim. Authorities say Bradshaw was taken into custody on Monday.

According to the court, documents, she said that ‘the juvenile victim instigated the encounter and that he was very handsy and aggressive.’ The babysitter from Indiana later admitted having sex with the victim, telling investigators she wanted him to experience a sexual encounter.

She has been charged with rape when the victim is mentally disabled and two counts of sexual battery. One count of sexual battery involves a victim who is mentally disabled and the other relates to her being a child care worker.